This half term we have been learning all about the Stone Age period. Everyone has been so enthusiastic about this learning unit and lots of you have done over and above such as finding flint, visiting Stone Henge and bringing in books.

To complete this half term’s work, please write a comment on the class blog about your learning this half term.  Look for the page called ‘In the Beginning’ at the top of the fron page and add your comment.  It will not appear immedaitely as I have to check them all before allowing them to appear so do not worry if you don’t see you comment straight away.

You may want to say:

  • Something of interest to you that you have learnt
  • Something which has puzzled you
  • Something that you would like to know more about
  • A question that you have



What do I need to do?

Next week we will be exploring how we can develop and improve our vocabulary.

Can you find better/more interesting words for the following:

  • Exciting
  • Happy
  • Think
  • Pretty
  • Sad
  • See

Write them into a sentence, underlining each word in each sentence.

We will be learning about how to use a thesaurus next week.


To develop and improve word choices