What do I need to do?

To follow on from our work discussing and summarising texts, we would like you to summarise your favourite book. Remember to identify the main events/ points in the book first and then put these clearly in your own words.Β  Choose your own challenge.



Challenge 1: Summarise in bullet points

Challenge 2: Summarise in full sentences

Challenge 3: Summarise in sentences using key vocabulary

Please send your summary to me to publish on the blog at L.Pattinson@halterworth.hants.sch.uk.

Remember to check the blog and to look at the summaries of other people in the class.Β  You never know, you may be inspired to try someone else’s book!


To develop the skill of summarising.

Tricky Spellings – we will be having our tricky spelling test on Monday so please make sure you know them (see tricky spellings page).


What do I need to do?

Practise your target times tables ready to be tested next week. Remember you need to know the times tables facts out of order.


To develop your speed and accuracy recalling times tables facts.