What do I need to do?

Practise your tricky spellings using 3 different methods. For example you could:


  • Make an acrostic poem with each spelling
  • Rainbow write – write out each word once and then write over that word twice with a different colour each time
  • Write silly sentences and underline the spelling you are focusing on
  • Pyramid writing – write the first letter of the word, and then underneath the first and second letter and so on in the shape of a pyramid


To develop accuracy spelling tricky words




What do I need to do?             

This week we have been learning to use a formal written method to divide 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 number.

We have looked at a range of different methods including:


  • Chunking on a number line
  • Chunking in a column
  • Short division (bus stop)
  • Some of you have also looked at remainders and converting them to decimals


We have all agreed how challenging this learning has been! Therefore, for your home learning we would like you to make a teaching tool to give top tips for the division method you have used.


You may include:

  • Example questions
  • Tips for each method like choosing your chunks wisely, setting out your work, useful multiplication facts




To consolidate understanding of a written method for division


What do I need to do?             

Practise the Key Instant Recall Facts for this half term. The KIRFs are on the blog and link with our work recently in maths looking at multiplying and dividing. Remember the finger trick and patterns that can help you to learn the 9 times table.



To develop your understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division