What do I need to do?

An opportunity to enter a fantastic writing competition has come up. Halterworth children always do really well in local and national competitions so this week I would like you to apply your fantastic writing skills to the letter writing competition run by the Hampshire Cultural Trust.

You will all have received a flier about the competition. Please read the rules carefully.  You will also receive a slip to complete which I would like you to staple to the front of your writing.

Please return your entries to me by Tuesday 16th February.

Don’t forget best handwriting!!!!


To write for a range of audiences and purposes



This week we have been thinking about what being a good friend means and how to manage fallings out and conflict.

This week I want you to think about ‘Random acts of kindness’; things that you may do to brighten up someone’s day. Make a point of completing one random act of kindness to someone who you wouldn’t normally think about.

For example:

  • Offer to help someone in class who may be finding some work challenging
  • Notice when someone is alone and offer to let them join in your playtime game
  • Write a kind note about someone describing something that you really admire them for. You could pop it in their tray
  • Let someone go ahead of you in the lunchtime queue
  • Say ‘yes’ to as many things as you can in one day

I am sure you can think of many more random acts of kindness. We will catch up next week to find out what has been going on.


This work links to PSHE Managing relationships and conflict