Café de La ClasseLP


What do I need to do?

This week, I would really like you to practise the French vocabulary that you will need on Tuesday morning when we hold our French Café. I have attached a vocabulary sheet for you to practise with.

If you would like to bring in an apron and/or a tray for Tuesday morning then you are more than welcome to. Remember to label anything that you do bring with you.


To consolidate learning of key phrases.



What do I need to do?

Since September we have been focussing on 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Next week will have an opportunity to practise those tables and will be completing a times tables test to ensure that everyone by now is confident with instant recall of these facts.  If you are still finding 8’s tricky then don’t worry.


Some useful websites:

And don’t forget our times table songs on Youtube – but please check with an adult before using YouTube!  3 times table 4 times table      8 times table



To improve instant recall of key multiplication facts.