imageMiss P was born in Hastings in East Sussex.  She is half Cypriot and half English

From the age of 16 she lived in France for many years and went to school, college and even spent some time at university there.  She eventually decided to study at home so that she could return to England to be a teacher.

Back in England, she ended up choosing to train as a teacher which took a massive five years.  Eventually she graduated from Roehampton Institute with a teaching degree and specialising in English Language and linguistics and French.

Miss P spent many years teaching in Ladbroke Grove in inner City London, in a very challenging school but she absolutely loved it. She always says it was where she learnt to be a really good teacher with such a diverse range of cultures and different religions.

Eventually Miss P decided that it was time to move to the countryside with her family and so chose Romsey – just by randomly choosing it on a map!  She got a job as Senior teacher at Wellow School, later becoming an Advanced Skills Teacher for teaching and learning.  She was also a lead English teacher for the county before becoming an AST.

At Wellow school Miss P took over English, Languages Able Child and ICT.  She spent many happy years at Wellow …she even sent her own two children there!

Three years ago, Miss P was asked if she could go and teach at Awbridge School for 6 months, which she did and thoroughly enjoyed teaching Year 6/5..

Once Miss P had finished working at Awbridge she was asked by Mrs Cottrell if she would join Halterworth School as a Lead Practitioner, year leader and English leader and if she would look after the trainee teachers there.

In addition to all the class based work she does, Miss P also spends time supporting teachers in other schools, helping them to become the best teachers they can in her role as a specialist leader of education.


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  1. Guilliame says:

    Duuuur guys it is miss p the great

  2. heather says:

    They forgot something and Miss p is the best duuuuur

  3. JAKE says:

    miss p is amazing

  4. BEVO says:

    miss p is a good teacher

  5. George says:

    Miss P is the best teacher ever because she knows lots of languages!

  6. #@rthur says:

    I don’t want to leave to go to year five next year I want to stay in year four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jacob says:

    Miss p needs a golden carpet because she is so amazing!

  8. Aiden says:

    It sounds like you had an intresting life miss p.

  9. stephanie M says:

    You are awsome Miss P

  10. Theo says:

    you are one of my favorite teachers.

  11. lewis says:

    Miss pattinson is epic!!!!!

  12. Lucy says:

    Totally agree!!!

  13. Hattie says:

    Miss.p is awesome

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