I love this story from Theo’s dad last week.  He extended the 100 word challenge to a full on novel…😁


It was a crisp cold snowy night as the policeman plodded slowly around his patrol. The only sound came from the tinkling of the lights which were strung between the empty road and the path at the edge of the park and the occasional murmur from his radio.
As he walked along he saw an abandoned umbrella. It was not a cheap one, he saw the black material, the shape and the crooked handle. It made him think of one his grandfather had owned. As he approached it he heard a rustle from the bushes on his right…..

From the depths of the dense, snow encrusted bush emerged a short figure in a green and red tunic. The policeman noticed at once his pointy ears and thought to himself that it was a very good fancy dress costume. There wasn’t a lot that could surprise P.C. Walters with all his years of police experience.
Drawing himself up to his full policeman height he breathed in deeply and said in his very best policeman voice ‘’ whats goin on ere then’’ His policeman voice was a couple of notes lower than his ordinary voice and to him saying that was one of the heights of his job.
The elf was still brushing the shards of crystalline snow from his tunic and muttering ‘’oh dear, oh dear,oh dear’’ to himself.
‘’I can explain’’ the nervous elf stammered. The policeman’s eyebrow raised slightly as policemens’ do when you are trying to tell them something.
By now the elf was really nervous and dancing around like Ed Balls on Strictly, He began his explanation in a high pitched, fast moving dialogue which resembled popcorn being made.
‘’ you see ‘’he began ‘’ Santa is very busy at this time of year and we were behind with loading his sleigh’’ he paused for breath and quickly looked at the policeman whose eyebrow had now reached its limit, any higher and his face would start contorting.
The elf continued, ‘’ Santa dashed in and jumped on the sleigh and we were off, a slight pause for breath and he went on ‘’ with me on the back! Well, I held on as well as I could and I shouted as loud as I could but Santa couldn’t hear me as he has to go so fast these days and Prancer has a cough at the moment.
The elf continued “ I managed to hold on until Santa made a sharp right turn over Halterworth and I made a sharp left turn, he paused and shuddered , as the memory came back to him, “ and I left the sleigh at some considerable speed, all I could grab hold of was one of the presents, this umbrella, which was lucky for me as I parachuted slowly down to earth”. The policeman snorted slightly before the elf went on ”Well almost, at about 10 feet my hands were so cold that I lost my grip and landed in that bush”
The Policeman slowly removed his thick leather Police gloves, stuffing them into the deep pockets of the warm police issue overcoat. Taking his time in a very authoritarian manner he undid the buttons on the overcoat, reached into his inside pocket and removed his Police flip cover notebook. At the Police station he was well known to have the neatest notebook and he was very proud of that fact. His nickname was ‘Scribe’.
It was at this point that the Policeman realized that he would need a witness to this extraordinary event and he turned round to see if anyone else was in the park.
The park was deserted, he shook his head, folded his notebook and slid the pen back into its spine. His colleagues would never believe this without a witness.
When he turned to face the elf again there was no one there, the elf had disappeared. He looked all around but couldn’t see the elf, only the black umbrella remained in front of him.
He replaced his notebook in the pocket, a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth “no report ere then” he thought to himself.
As he bent forward slightly to do up the bottom button on his overcoat he saw a triangular Christmas gift tag tied to the umbrella. He opened it up and read to himself ‘ To Mr. Thomas from Santa and all the children at Halterworth Primary School.
The Policeman furled up the umbrella, he would take it with him to the police station.
One thing bothered him, the pointy ears, which had twitched erratically every time the nervous elf had paused for breath, how did he do that?
“I must get more sleep” he said to himself.
The outcome of the story is that the elf caught up with Santa and gave him a good ticking off, The policeman finished his duty with no reports to write up and Mr. Thomas, due to P.C. ‘Scribe’ Walters detective work received his present shortly after Christmas.
So when you see Mr. Thomas in the playground with his umbrella remember what a very special umbrella it is.


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  1. Helen (Sophia H mum) says:

    Wow -this is brilliant and it made me chuckle. I think you need to start writing children’s books!

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