Passing the Dragon

By Chris Pell, aged 42

Bert was frightened before he entered the cave, but when he saw the dragon he was terrified. The cave was dark and cold and it smelt horrible, Bert needed to get past the dragon, but how would he do it?

As he stood staring at the dragon, with its large scaly head resting on a rock, he suddenly remembered what his old teacher Leonard Postlethwaite had told him.

When a dragon’s fast asleep,

And past its head you need to creep,

Bend down small and touch your toes,

Then forward roll right past its nose.

Brilliant! What could go wrong?


3 responses »

  1. m1ssp says:

    Well what a fantastic entry Mr Pell. What I especially like is how you have moved from a narrative to poetry very skilfully and by using a flashback to tell another part of the story. Great description of the cave too…….you leave the reader wanting to know what happens next!
    Thank you for inspiring the children with your writing!

  2. CHARLOTTE P says:

    My dad is VERY silly but that is quite good actually!

  3. Dawn Read says:

    Love it! Especially the poem.

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