by Michael K. Brett- Surman.

I like this book because dinosaurs are my favourite animal from the past, it has an A-Z of 142 dinosaurs which gives lots of information about the meaning of the dinosaur’s name, when they lived, the type of dinosaur it was, it’s diet, it’s size and where the fossils are found. It groups the dinosaurs according to their type, examples include Theropods, armoured plant eaters, the reptiles which were able to fly, and the reptiles which lived in the sea.
It also gives different information about the three time periods the Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous, including maps of the world at that time, and maps where they lived. There is also a time line from the first living thing to us, including the dinosaur’s extinction and the different reasons why the dinosaurs may of died out. It also shows how fossils are made. It also talks about dinosaurs growing feathers, like the Velociraptor, and the evolution of dinosaurs to birds.
The pictures are excellent, showing how the dinosaurs looked, how their bones worked, how some herbivores ate stones to help grind food in the stomach, how they controlled their temperature, how their brain’s worked, how they communicated, the different sized eggs and how the mother looked after baby dinosaurs. The pictures show, how they lived together, how they hunted and how they protected themselves.


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  1. m1ssp says:

    James this is an excellent summary of your chosen book. It is clear, well organised and enjoyable to read. I can see how hard you have worked on this. Very well done – – great read and a fascinating book by the sounds of it.
    Miss P 😀

  2. AnaB says:

    This is amazing – I’ve learned so much about dinosaurs from your summary.
    Maja’s mum

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