Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies
BY: Pamela Butchart
This is a marvellous book about 4 friends (Maisie, Jodi, Izzy and Zach).These 4 suspicious children are trying to find out why the school lunches have changed to the worst food ever. There have been strange incidents during lunch time: such as eyeballs floating in water jug, poisonous avocados served at lunch and trails of smelly socks near the gates. Most importantly, the glowing eyes of the dinner ladies makes them very doubtful and it grows their suspicion even more. The lollypop man whispered she’s came back. The curious young team of detectives have been investigating the kitchen. Interestingly they make a discovery. If you would like to know more please read the book today.

By Sophie T


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  1. m1ssp says:

    What a fabulous summary Sophie. You have me intrigued now with your clues that you have given to the plot. I would definitely love to know more!
    Well don.
    Miss P 😀

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