The railway children by E. Nesbit

There were three children named Peter, Phyllis and Bobbie .

One day their father disappeared and the children did not know where he went .Then they got moved to a much smaller house with no servants! The children did not like the house neither not having father around. One day they went on an adventure. Suddenly, they saw a railway track with a broken tree on top of it.  Then they heard a train coming!  They realised that they had to get the train to stop.  They took their red handkerchiefs from their pockets and tied them to sticks.  When the train was in sight they waved their red flags to stop it.  Luckily the driver stopped and the children were known as heroes.

The next day they went down to the station again because there was a train coming in.  Only three people stepped out of the train.  An old lady, a man and, to their surprise, their father!

To hear more….read the story…! 


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  1. m1ssp says:

    What a fantastic classic story to choose Charlotte. You have told us about some of the specific ideas in the story beautifully. Next time think about giving a more general overview of the whole story as there are some very happy and sad points which people might be interested to know about before choosing to read the book.
    Very well done!
    Miss P 🙂

  2. Sophia N says:

    Charlotte I have to read that story. It sounds so exiting. What shop do you get it from?

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