My book is the magic finger by Roald Dahl. There was a girl called Sophie. She wasn’t an ordinary girl she had a magic finger.
Her neighbours, the Greggs, went out to shoot animals every Saturday morning. Sophie hated that!
One day they went out to shoot some ducks but they missed every time because of the magic finger.
The next day when they got up they had wings instead of arms and only as tall as a kitchen chair.
They saw that the ducks they tried to shoot the previous day were as tall as humans and started to shoot them.
Mr Gregg said: “don’t shoot me!”
The ducks replied:”why not? You shot my children yesterday.”
Then Mr Gregg made a promise: not to shoot any more animal ever again! The next day they turned back in to humans and as promised they burned their guns.


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  1. m1ssp says:

    Wow I love your summary Matilda. It’s such a great story and you have really sunmarised it beautifully… très bien!
    Miss P 😀

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