My favourite book is The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon.

It’s about a boy named Tom Gates who is usually late for school. He is friends with his next-door neighbour Derek Fingle and they both chat a lot on the way to school. Tom’s  favourite subject is art, he hates maths and he loves to make mischief. His hobbies are eating caramel wafers, watching TV, annoying his sister Delia and annoying Marcus (the person he sits next to in class). He absolutely hates doing homework.  Tom loves the famous band Dude3 and he has had lots of sleepovers at Derek’s house. He is always coming up with annoying songs about Delia like Delia’s a weirdo ‘a classic’ as Tom calls it .

In this book (the first in the series) Tom goes to an epic concert to see dude3 at the side of stage with his crusty teacher Mr Fullerman and his dad, Frank. He goes on a school trip to an Egyptian museum and tries out his Egyptian tattoos on Marcus (while Marcus was asleep on the coach). Tom Gates joins the school choir but gets kicked out for pushing Marcus over by accident. He gets a detention for drawing a rude picture of Mrs Worthington or Mrs Worthingtash as Tom calls her (because she has a furry moustache). Tom has to help put up the portraits they painted, but not the one of Mrs Worthington, that he did for his detention. He is forced to go to granny and granddad’s house for  supper and he has to have horrible pink pancakes for dessert!

I would recommend it to people who like books that are very humorous.

Thank you,



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  1. m1ssp says:

    Wow what a great summary Lewis. I feel that I now have a really good idea of the plot in this story…and it’s good to hear that the book is quite humorous. I haven’t read it before but you have certainly given me a taste for it. Thank you – well done – a great summary!
    Miss P 🙂

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