My summary is about the book Mr Stink by David Walliams

. A man named Mr stink.
. A girl named Chloe.
. A dog who looks black but is really white.
. They make friends.
. The shed is a secret hideout.
. Mr Stink helps get Chloe’s family talking again.

Mr Stink is a poor person who lives on the streets, others call him a “tramp”. Chloe is just about the loneliest girl in the world. Chloe and Mr Stink become friends. Chloe lets Mr Stink sleep in the back shed. Mr stink goes and has a bath in the pond.
Chloe’s dad was a rock star now he has quit his job and so he hides under the stairs so his wife doesn’t now. Mr stink’s dog looks black but is really white. Mr Stink does smell a bit, but Mr stink is the only person who’s ever been nice to Chloe. In the end Mr Stink gets Chloe’s family together again and he goes off on another journey.

The end of summary.


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  1. m1ssp says:

    It looks as though you have chosen to do two challenges Jack so well done. Both are well written and clearly summarised. Very well done. Fantastic story to choose by the way!!
    Miss P 😀

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