Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda’s a little girl who loves reading, her parents are out most of the time so she always at the library. At first Matilda only read children books but soon she had finished them all. Asking the librarian (Mrs Phelps) if there were any other books she could read Miss Phelps said Charles dickens is quite good. After the library trip Matilda arrived home she had took a few books from the library with her. Reading a book in the TV room she asked Mr Wormwood if she could read it. What’s wrong with the telly he snapped Matilda didn’t answer she could feel anger boiling up inside her she wanted revenge. Gluing the rim of Mr Wormwoods hat Matilda crept of. After work Mr Wormwood came back trying to take his hat he strangely he couldn’t. Starting to panic he desperately started tugging, leading Mr Wormwood to the bathroom she cut it off. After a couple of years Matilda went to school, at school Matilda met the most wondrous teacher Miss Honey. Miss Honey thought Matilda was perfect, going to Miss Trunchbull Miss Honey told her about Matilda. But Miss Trunchbull disagreed. Going back Miss Honey reported the bad news to Matilda. So Matilda started thinking……..


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  1. m1ssp says:

    A great choice of book Max. You have given some key clues to the story of Matilda and some of the characters involved. Well done!
    Miss P😀

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