• George is eight years old and he has a mean and rude grandma.
• Grandma forces George to get things for her and she spooks George out.
• George is angry and decided to make a new medicine for grandma.
• The medicine has powerful ingredients in it which makes grandma grow taller.
• Mum and dad come home and see grandma at the top of the roof.
• Dad uses the marvellous medicine on all the animals of the farm because he wants to be rich.
• They run out of medicine and George and his dad have to make more.
• Unfortunately, the medicine does not work as well as the other one.
• The chickens are supposed to grow taller and fatter, instead only the legs and neck grow.
• Medicine number 3 makes grandma shrink so nobody can see her.
• Then George and his dad are actually happy because grandma is never coming back and she cannot upset George anymore.


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  1. m1ssp says:

    I love this Sara – I can see how much effort you have put into your summary to make it clear and easy to follow. Brilliant work – and by one of my favourite authors too!
    Well done!
    Miss P😀

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