Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School by Jeff Kinney

This story is about a town that decides to go electronic free and switches back to the good old days.

The main characters are a family of five: Mom, Dad, Greg, Rodrick and Manny (three children). Mom believes in the good old days but Greg really appreciates the comforts of his modern life. For example Mom claims that in the old times people used to know everybody and be like one giant family. But that doesn’t sound great to Greg as he prefers to text his neighbours instead of talking to them.

The whole family life had several changes such as Grandpa moving in and the younger brother going to work that the author didn’t like. The most adventurous one was going to a camp…

Greg goes to a holiday camp and tries to escape his cabin but he runs into a shed that says: BEWARE! TURN BACK! He remembers the rumours about Silas Scratch (who is a made up monster) but he bravely wanders into the shed anyway. Then he sees a bathroom with his Dad in the shower! His Dad explains how he found the shed when he was younger and that he had made up the story about Silas Scratch to scare people away from the shed so that he could use it for himself!

In the end Greg thinks that his Dad is cool because making up a scary story like that was exactly the kind of thing he would do himself, so Greg decides to keep Dad’s secret safe and continue the legend of Silas Scratch…



2 responses »

  1. m1ssp says:

    Wow what a brilliant summary Jason. I especially love when you said ‘Mum enjoys the good old day!’. I have only ever read extracts of this story and so do know the whole plot. Thanks to your excellent summary I now have a much better idea!
    Well done!
    Miss P

  2. jason says:

    Amazing!I should read it myself.

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