This book is a hilarious comedy, written by Jeff Kinney. I think this book is awesome and I recommend it to 6+.

This story is about a nine year old boy called Greg. He is funny, not very popular at all and sometimes he gets in trouble. At Greg’s school there will be a dance and Greg wants someone to go with. Mum who is bursting with crazy ideas, gives Greg a bit of advice. Mum’s advice was to write a letter to the person he wanted to take. Greg finally found the courage to do that. Abigail agreed to go to the dance with Greg making him feel happy and excited. At the dance, Rowly, (Greg’s dateless best friend) stole Greg’s partner. In the end Greg is left alone at home playing video games.  ☹



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  1. m1ssp says:

    I love your summary Aiden and I can tell how much you like this book. You have written a really great summary focussing on the key points in the plot. Very well done.
    Miss P 🙂

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