Daisy and the Trouble with Burglars by Kes Gray

The main character is called Daisy, she is always getting into trouble with her mum and she is always trying to get things right. Daisy is also very funny. Her best friend at school is called Gabby. It is the beginning of the summer holidays and Daisy and Gabby try to catch the burglars which gets Daisy and Gabby in a lot of trouble.

Daisy and her friend Gabby start a Detective Agency and start training, but Daisy’s mum does not know that this is that serious and takes no notice of it. But Daisy and Gabby do. They start looking for clues:

·         Little piece of metal

·         A piece of string from tying a rope

·         Some little bits of dandruff from one’s head

·         Chewed up chewing gum

One night Daisy was worried that her house was going to be burgled, because two other houses in her street had been burgled once. That night Daisy saw a light shining across the road and she thought it was a burglar! She crept downstairs and called the police. The police came in the next couple of minutes. The actual burglar was not an actual burglar it was Mrs Pike the lady from across the road. Daisy was in a lot of trouble, because the police took her mum’s car away because the tax had run out.

Daisy’s mum was so cross that she said if Daisy does not start behaving then she will give her to charity!


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  1. m1ssp says:

    Wow this an excellent summary Scarlett. What I particularly like is how you have carefully crafted your paragraphs too so that everything is clear and makes sense. This is not a book that I have read but from what you say in your summary, I think it would certainly be a great read!
    Well done Scarlett.
    Miss P 🙂

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