At the start of the book the characters are attending the Quidditch World Cup.

Most of the book is about the Triwizard Cup. The Triwizard Cup is a competition for wizards and witches. The competition takes place at Hogwarts. Two other Witchcraft and Wizardry schools come to Hogwarts to compete.

The Goblet of Fire is important because it helps to choose three competitors who are 17 or over to take part in the Triwizard Cup. It is a wooden cup with magic fire within it. After a week of thinking, the Goblet of Fire shoots out three pieces of paper with the competitor’s names on them.

Harry Potter is chosen even though he is only 14.

Harry’s tasks were:

· Fighting a dragon called the Hungarian Horntail to get to the golden egg, which led to…

· Saving Ron from freezing underwater

· Going through a maze which led to a graveyard

Voldemort and Wormtail were there. Voldemort tried to kill him, but Harry manages to escape and win the Triwizard Cup.


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  1. m1ssp says:

    Wow Maja what an excellent summary. You have summarised the key points beautifully so that anyone who hasn’t read the book will have a really clear idea of what to expect.
    Very well done!
    Miss P 😀

  2. Lewis says:

    Wow Maja, this sounds like a great book, I’ve got the set and I’m going to read it soon.

  3. Sophia says:

    Maja I have read that book a million times and you have made a brilliant summary for it


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