Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams

Grandpa used to fly a Spitfire in World War 2 and believes that it is still 1940. The Vicar found him on the church roof so suggests that Grandpa is sent to Twilight Towers, an evil nursing home run by
Miss Swine the greedy Matron who has piggy eyes and an upturned nose.

Jack and his Grandpa want to escape. First they try digging a tunnel with a spoon then they try escaping using a rope of all of the old peoples’ knickers. They try to disguise themselves as nurses. The plan that works is a roller skating coffin.

Grandpa wanted to fly again, so Jack and Grandpa had a ride in a Spitfire that they stole from the Imperial War Museum. Two modern day fighter planes were trying to shoot them down so Jack had to parachute
out. He landed in Buckingham Palace grounds where the Queen found him.
Grandpa disappeared and people believed him dead.

When Grandpa has his funeral Jack found out that the Matron and the Vicar were the same person. The Vicar starts saying rude things about the old people, so the old people start fighting him and he ran away.

When Jack is grown up and has a son of his own each night he sees Grandpa flying in the Spitfire across the moon.


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  1. m1ssp says:

    I love your summary Bethan. You have clearly identified all the key points from the story. Your writing is beautifully organised into paragraphs too so very well done!
    Miss P 😀

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