Charlotte’s web
Written by E.B White and illustrated by Garth Williams
It is about a little girl called Fern who rescues a runt one morning. The runt gets named Wilbur. But then Wilbur gets sent to live on Fern’s uncle’s farm where he meets Charlotte, a beautiful grey spider. Soon Charlotte and Wilber were best friends but when Wilber is faced with the usual fate of nice, fat, clever little pigs, charlotte had to find a way to save him. She saves him by writing messages like “terrific” and “some pig” in her web which tricked the farmer so Wilber did not die. Then they went to a competition where Charlotte had babies but then died. Three babies stayed with Wilber and had a happy life.


4 responses »

  1. m1ssp says:

    One of my favourite stories Hattie. You have summarised the story of the pig beautifully. Well done!
    Miss P😀

  2. Tilly D says:

    I’ve read this too and I think I will read it again! 🙂

  3. Bethan says:

    Gosh what a great story Hattie. I love it too. Your summary of Charlotte’s web describes it beautifully. You have definitely found all of the key information and squished all of it into a summary perfectly.

  4. Sophia Nicholson says:

    I really like in that story Hattiesburg is when Charlotte writes on the web she MUST be a very clever spider.

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