Please find below a list of costumes for the production. Clearly, these are simply guidelines so please feel free to embellish as you see fit!


Peter Pan : green shorts, t shirt and hat – traditional Peter Pan attire

Wendy: girl’s long blue dress

Mother : Grown up smart dress, possibly pink?

Father : suit or smart clothes, maybe a waistcoat and tie

Stars: either a star shaped costume or:

  • Girls : glittery, white/silver dress or top and trousers, tiara maybe
  • Boys: Sparkly white/silver top and trousers

Tinkerbell: green fairy costume with wings

Michael: a onesie

John : long white night shirt, glasses and a top hat,

Nana (Dog): dog mask, tail or face paint, brown jumper and leggings

Captain Hook: pirate outfit complete with hook and sword

Crocodile : crocodile mask or face paint, green top and leggings

Indians : brown trousers and top/ dress with Indian headdress

Mermaids : dressed white, blue, green colours – leggings, white tops – anything mermaidish

Pirates :  dark cut-off trousers and white shirt with belt

Lost boys :  brown ripped top and trousers with brown headband


Anyone who does not have a main part will need to wear a pirate costume!


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