As the weather changed, Fonte, Messi and Ronaldo were eating ice-cream and sunbathing on the beach. These people suddenly got coated in rain due to the stormy conditions. I had an exclusive review from Messi. He said “It just changed from sparkling sun to thunderous clouds”. Ronaldo said “Well it wasn’t any worse than it was before” but for your information it was quite bad. Fonte said “Well the worst part about it was there was no Mr Whippy ice-cream”. Tomorrow will probably be stormy with a few peeks of sun. Legendary news reporter Max Spencer back to the studio.

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  1. m1ssp says:

    I love this Max. Even me, the no-knowledge about football person, can recognise how you’ve brought football and the weather together!! You have chosen an interesting way to present you 100 WC too this week – in the style of a news reporter….great idea! I also love ‘coated in rain’….what a great way to describe how bad the rain was!
    Well done!
    Miss PπŸ˜€

  2. jason says:

    I loved how you used your knowledge of football players and it was funny!

  3. greg says:

    that was amazing Max! I loved how you used football as well

  4. Anonymous says:

    awesome max, awesome.

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