It was a grey dark stormy night with dark orange streaks across the sky. In the village of Eddnap not a soul was awake except one. Tom Carver and his dog Hero were walking home from a secret midnight feast hoping no one would wake up and they would get caught. All he and Hero had to do now was creep through the last alleyway, it was cluttered with people’s bins and other rubbish. If he tripped there would be a mishap. Finally, nearly there he thought….. The next minute he was home creeping into his lovely warm nice house.

2 responses »

  1. m1ssp says:

    I really loved this piece of writing Tilly because you have so cleverly created an exciting atmosphere with your description of the setting. I really want to know more about Tom and his dog Hero….maybe we will find out more in the next 100 word challenge?
    Very well done – I love it!
    Miss P 🙂

  2. arabella100 says:

    Tilly wow you made me feel lost I couldn’t work out what was going to happen I thought someone would wake up you must have wrote that carefully.

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