Dear Diary,
Today was the most amazing day ever. I saved nearly the whole city, for I’m the most famous super hero now. Even though I’m pretty much an ordinary girl just sitting here eating an orange.
There was a slight mishap though when I was unmasking the villain because he unmasked me first!! There was a clutter as his mask fell down and so did mine. I saw who it was! It was the school DJ. “You can take me to jail Emma”, he exclaimed miserably. I was victorious. I had saved everybody.
Yours Sincerely
Emma xxx 😉

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  1. m1ssp says:

    Wow what an interesting piece of writing Sophia!! I love how you have chosen to write as a diary which clearly includes all the main features of diary writing. I really want to know what preceded this idea….why was the school DJ a villain??
    A great piece of writing and some excellent sentence constructions too.
    Very well done!
    Miss P 😀

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