Leonard Postlethwaite wasn’t just a bad cook, he was terrible! He was also not very clever.
Someone once told him that if you have one orange and someone gives you another then you will have a pair, his pear tarts therefore tasted very orangy!
Leonard was prone to the odd culinary mishap, like the time he entered his ‘Clutter Bucket’ cake into the local baking competition.
The ingredients included flour, eggs, sugar, butter, baked beans, cabbage and lamb chops!
Did he emerge as the victorious hero he thought he would be?
Of course not, it was disgusting!
Silly old Leonard.

By Chris Pell

2 responses »

  1. m1ssp says:

    Ahhh I really love this entry this week because the name says it all really. The audience gets a real sense of who the main character is simply from his name! I also love the humour with the oranges and pairs too – it definitely gives us an insight into Leonard’s character through his actions. Finally, great to end with a rhetorical question isn’t it?
    Another great entry!
    Miss P 😀

  2. CHARLOTTE P says:

    my dad is mad!

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