My friend daring Donald said, “my go next.” He flapped closer to the edge eyeing the blue sparkling water “It looks beautiful doesn’t it?” I shrank back hiding with my friend as it looked cold. He took another step forward “come on scaredy bum” cried Donald swishing his tail in the air, “race you!” Donald flopped in and I edged closer to the edge. “Hurry up frightened fur ball” Donald shouted up whilst swimming backwards. As I looked over the edge Donald flew up and in to me knocking me off balance. I toppled forward and fell in head first……….


2 responses »

  1. Helen (Sophia H mum) says:

    Fantastic story Tilly!!!!!😏🙂😃

  2. m1ssp says:

    Wow Tilly I really love your story because you have written from the viewpoint of one of the ducklings. You have also very cleverly given the reader clues to the characters of the ducklings through action and dialogue.
    I agree with Mrs Hill – a fantastic story!!
    Well done!
    Miss P 🙂

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