Desmond, Daisy and Donald are three mischievous ducks who lived alone. One day they heard frantic quacking. They jumped into the pond which was sparkling because of the sun. The ducks paddled across the water, it wasn’t moving so it was excellent for swimming. Desmond was getting tired and the female duck was called Deliha so he said:
‘’Why, why, why Deliha? Are you so annoyingly far away?’’
Daisy was getting fed up with Desmond “Why won‘t you just shut up”, so Desmond stayed quiet for the rest of the journey. Then they reached the shores of the new land.

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  1. m1ssp says:

    Sophie I love your writing because you always show your sense of humour so well. When I read this I was especially intrigued by the ‘Why, why, why Delilah?’ line as I know that phrase from a well-known song!
    I also love your use of alliteration where all the ducks have names beginning with the same letter. It’s that sort of writing with attention to detail that really pulls the reader in.
    Very well done.
    Miss P 🙂

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