Ellie shoved her brother James into her sister Lila only to find Lila tumbling down into the water. ‘Hey’, shouted Lila struggling to breathe in the water. ‘We need to hurry up on diving until Mum finds us don’t we ‘, answered back Ellie. ’Yes although what it doesn’t mean pushing and shoving’, James interrupted (he always wanted to settle things and pour oil over troubled waters).’Fine James settle things your way’, said Ellie with a note of sarcasm. ‘Okay here go’s nothing’, answered the excited little duckling without noticing the sarcasm. ‘Weeeee’, said James rumbling with excitement. SPLASH!!!

2 responses »

  1. m1ssp says:

    You have used some lovely descriptive sentences Sophia in your story this week. I especially love ‘rumbling with excitement’! I think you have captured the mood of sibling ducklings really beautifully……a bit like real life really!
    Very well done for a great entry.
    Miss P 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow sophia

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