In class today a magician came and accidentally changed me into a duckling. So I happily waddled out of the classroom and down into the calm,blue pond. I was about to do my biggest jump when a more ducklings came along and said do you want to be our friend? Yes please I whispered quietly. Shall we show you to swim? Asked the ducklings. Stop! I shouted we don’t even know each other’s names. Well mine is Blob said one duck and I’m bob said the other. I’m Aiden I said. So magically we jumped into the calm water…

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  1. m1ssp says:

    Wow Aiden you have put a completely different spin on the picture. I love how you have written a sort of prequel to what happened. You have also written in the first person which is always great for encouraging the reader to read on.
    I love it!! An inspired idea.
    Very well done!
    Miss P πŸ™‚

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