An Icy Encounter

By Chris Pell aged 42

“Excuse me sir” I called out “I think you’ve left your umbrella”

The shadowy stranger stopped and turned slowly to face me.

I froze, instantly recognising the face of my arch nemesis, Leonard Postlethwaite.

His stare was as cold as the skin on my face, the tension swirled in the air like the snowflakes and I could feel my heart thumping inside my chest.

“So Bert, we meet again” he said.

My future hung in the balance, my next move would be critical.

“Leonard” I said “Shall we make a snowman?”

“YES PLEASE!” he cried

Well, everyone likes a snowman!

2 responses »

  1. stephanie M says:

    A strange way to meet an arch enenemey!

  2. m1ssp says:

    Oh my goodness – I love the decription you have used of Leonard Postlethwaite – and what an inpsired name too! You have cleverly introduced a sinister figure and then suddenly flipped his character around by suggesting building a snowman!!! How clever – and I am wondering if the story is about a grown up or a young boy now!
    Miss P πŸ™‚

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