One day in a dark, mysterious church-like building there was a small boy called Tom. He was on his way to the 3rd floor when he saw a blinding light which eventually led to an old cranky door. Mysteriously, the door magically opened! Tom wondered in curiously. Next, he saw some steps leading to a million pieces of gold! Out of nowhere, a dragon appeared so Tom quickly hid. Then without the dragon noticing, he crept down and grabbed some gold. When he tried to creep up, the dragon noticed him! Quicker than a flash, the dragon breathed boiling lava…

3 responses »

  1. Jason Meacham says:

    Very good thinking Jason!

  2. hattie says:

    i love your Quicker than a flash jason

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW Jason. I like the way you added awesome adjectives and similes in your story.

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