I was walking till I got to a house. I opened the door CREAK to my amazement there was no one there but empty darkness. Then I saw a breath of fire it made my heart skip a beat it lit some fire wood at least I think…Then I saw through the bright light of the fire a dragon, there was boy sitting next to the dragon. He was unharmed and seemed pretty happy. People think that dragons are mean and horrible but this one wasnโ€™t. The boy and dragon looked like good friends. Anyone can be friends with dragons.

5 responses »

  1. Max Spencer says:

    Good twist in the story James well done!

  2. Aiden says:

    I like the way you were nice the dragon like the saying “never judge a book by its cover”.

  3. Sophia H says:

    I like the way you proved dragons can be nice and gave your story a good twist.

  4. Theo curry says:

    I liked the bit when his heart skipped.

  5. m1ssp says:

    I love your last line in your story James – you make dragons sound so real and harmless. I also have lots of questions about what happened next and where the house was!! I really want to know more…but you gave me just enough information to want to read the next instalment!
    Well done.
    Miss P ๐Ÿ™‚

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