As I walked down the steps I saw large poles with marvellous and decorative patterns. Every time I went down the steps the fire burning lava rose up from the ground, nearly touching my toes. Suddenly out rose a fire breathing dragon! I could hear in the background my Dad was calling me because I had to make speech about the Kingdom to our people. I ignored him as I was so intrigued by the dragon and the amazing sight. As I looked around me I felt different, as if I had the power to do anything that I wanted………..

2 responses »

  1. Max Spencer says:

    Love the words like ”Decorative” Iris well done!

  2. m1ssp says:

    Your story starts in a very ordinary way and the suddenly, when you mention dragons and kingdoms I am left wondering what on earth is going to happen next!
    A really interesting start to an intriguing story Iris.
    Well done!
    Miss P 🙂

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