Sam’s Adventure

Once upon a time was a boy called Sam, he was on holiday in the land of dragons but they did not know that!

One day Sam escaped and he found a lair. It was an old stony building, he stepped inside. When he got in he was terrified of the dragon he saw, but the dragon said “hello my name is Drake what is yours?”

“sss Sam” replied Sam

“It smells a bit in here” said Sam

“I know” said Drake

“Will you help me get home” said Sam

“Climb aboard” said Drake, and off they flew happily together…

7 responses »

  1. m1ssp says:

    Charlotte – I love the idea of the land of dragons. You have also very skillfully included speech to move your story on.
    Well done!
    Miss P 🙂

  2. Max Spencer says:

    Love your description well done!

  3. Aiden says:

    I like the way Sam stammered his name.

  4. Sophia H says:

    Like Aiden I like the way Sam kind of hissed his name like a snake.

  5. Sam says:

    i like your imagination well done!

  6. stephanie M says:

    i realy like the souned of Drake

  7. Arabella says:

    I thought Sam would get eaten!

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