The swamp lay alone in the dark, marshy forest. Only the fearful monster making a sound. Then a small, little boy came up to the monster. Harshly, the monster said “get out of my forest.” Smiling, the long,red monster jumped into the red hot lava swamp and an arena appeared. “Fight me” the evil monster growled grumpily. If you win you can come anywhere in my forest if i win you leave forever. Your on. The lava turned into concrete. Ready set go! Blood splashed all over the arena floor. It was brutal. I win hissed the monster.

15 responses »

  1. Max Spencer says:

    Lots of description Aiden well done!

  2. Sophia H says:

    The way you put blood splashed on the floor Aiden.

  3. Scarlett says:

    Amazing descriptive writing!!!

  4. Hannah D says:

    Brilliant descriptions of the swamp and battle, I can picture them both really clearly!

  5. Arabella says:

    What happens next?

  6. Iris R says:

    I really like the discripive words you used it alowes me to picture it in my head.
    Also I would like to know what happends next?

  7. Lewis says:

    Wow amazing fronted adverbials, Aiden!

  8. Aiden says:

    Thank you Lewis.

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