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  1. Max Spencer says:

    When and how did you become a teacher.

  2. stephanie M says:

    When will there be anouther one hundred word challenge?

  3. Tilly D says:

    What is your favourite vegetable? I like green vegetables like peas, broccoli, green pepper, lettuce but not leeks or asparagus.

  4. Sophie says:

    What’s your favourite song?

  5. CHARLOTTE says:

    In the 100 word challenge does the title count as the 100 words?

  6. Aiden says:

    please can you take one of my replies for Max off the blog.

  7. Sophia Nicholson says:

    Hi miss p, whats your favourite swimming pool to swim in? Thanks for answering.

  8. LUCY says:

    Hi Miss P, I really enjoyed our first class swimming lesson today. I’m really looking forward to next weeks lesson.

  9. Matilda Le Gall says:

    Sorry I forgot my homework folder at school I will try and remember it on Monday or could you please email my mom the homework thanks Matilda

  10. Sophie R says:

    when are we making greek pots?

  11. Sophia N says:

    Hello Miss P, whats your favourite ice-cream flavour?

  12. iris says:

    Miss P what is your favorat book and why ?

  13. connie says:

    on this weeks homework(9th february) can you do the 400 words on a laptop or computer or do you have to do it on a sheet of paper

  14. stefania says:

    we did log on to active learn but we can not find “reel it in” and there are no new items in “my stuff”?!

  15. connie says:

    miss p did you like seince,English,Geography and Math when you were little (around 5 to 1) oh also i have nearly finished James and Giant Peach

  16. Connie Hill says:

    miss p on my maths homework i fogot my normal password so i can’t play the game

  17. Theo says:

    Hi miss p what’s your favourite sport and why 😉

    • m1ssp says:

      Hmmm well I’m not a great sporting fan but I do like athletics because it is a summer sport in my mind – and I love preparing for sports day at school!!

  18. Hattie says:

    I left my reading diary at school so I don’t know any of my passwords

  19. Lucy says:

    Miss P what was your favourite bit about Minstead? Mine was the long walk on Wednesday.

  20. Theo says:

    please can you put some times table tips on the blog for the year 3s who will be in your class next year ?

  21. Connie!!!!!! says:

    Miss P can I please use my new pencil case for school tomorrow

  22. Connie!!!!!! says:

    Awesome 😎 because my school one has ripped apart so I thought that it would be okay to use it instead of useing the school ones.

  23. Isla says:

    What day is PE on?

  24. Isla says:

    Are we supposed to be writing in are reading diarys?

  25. Izzy says:

    What is your favourite animal

  26. kate says:

    sorry miss p my homework is late

  27. Francesca says:

    Sorry miss.p I haven’t been signing in my reading diary because I forgot!😧and my question to ask you was:are we doing a school play this year because I think we should do Snow White as a school play and i’m guessing you knew this but i’m a very good princess! I hope you enjoy teaching and have a happy new year.💅🏼💍💄💄👃🏿🗣👨‍🌾👨‍🌾

    • m1ssp says:

      Hello Fran – hmmm to sure we will be doing a school play after our amazing winter concert! Don’t worry about your reading diary – it’s been a very busy couple of weeks. See you on Thursday. Miss P 😊

  28. Isla says:

    I can’t log on to my homework. It says my password doesn’t work. Can you help me?

  29. Francesca says:

    For our Egyptian day do we come into school in our outfits?

  30. Abigail says:

    What did you find fun at the egypt day.

  31. Maja says:

    Do you miss us? (probably not!!!!!!)

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