African dancing spectacular!

Today the class performed their African dance to the year 1 classes and enjoyed every moment, showing off their moves!  Thank you to Miss Smith who has been working with them for the last half term on Wednesday afternoons to develop the steps and practise them. Take a look at our fabulous photographs!

Happy New Year!

Miss Pattinson and Mrs Mayo would like to wish all the pupils of class 2LP/DM and their families a very happy new year 2019 and hope we will have many happy hours of learning and creating together to look forward to.

Thank you also for all your kind Christmas gifts and wishes.  They were much appreciated and make the job of teaching even more enjoyable.

See you back at school on Tuesday 8th January.  Enjoy what is left of the holidays!

Party fun!

This afternoon we have enjoyed our Christmas party with juice, biscuits and party games.  Take a look at our party photos!






Newspaper journalists in the making!

During December we have been very busy in our English lessons pretending to be journalists interviewing the last remaining little pig, the big, bad wolf and various other fairytale characters who happened to be passing by when the wolf committed his crime of eating two of the little pigs (because he sneezed apparently!).

We completed our front page of The Pig News so everyone can read what we found out about the crime and what people are saying about it in Pig Village.  Take a look at our masterpieces.


Father Christmas visits year 2!

Yesterday, while we were busy finishing our newspaper front pages guess who jingled his bells outside our classroom – yes, that’s right, our very own Father Christmas.  The children politely spoke to him and said thank you for their Santa lollies.  Let’s hope all their wishes come true!

Fairy tale trails in the dark!

After a drink of hot chocolate and a cookie after school we went into our groups with our adults to put on our coats and wellies and headed outside.  Luckily the rain had stopped but it was a bit windy still. Everyone managed really well to follow the compass and discover the clues to some well known traditional tales.  Our tales were:  Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man. It was great being out in the dark and using our torches.  We could see the other groups walking around with their torches shining too.  When we came back into the classroom we read the real stories to make sure we could spot our clues and then finished off with watching some videos of the same fairy tales.  We think the children enjoyed it and have learnt the fairy tales even more!

Take a look at the pictures of our evening escapade.  Some more pictures to come later!


Finding out about newspapers

The children have been busy acting as reporters for The Daily Pig this week.  They worked very hard to think about newspapers and how reports are presented.  They knew quite a lot already but we were able to fill our pages by the end of the lesson with all our expert knowledge.

No home learning!

Hello parents

There is no home learning during the half term break although the children will no doubt be keen to read their Accelerated Reader books.  There is also a small blue card in their book bags with all the number bonds to 20. As part of the new Times Tables weekly challenge the children will be tested on these to see if they can then move onto the next challenge.  This will happen during the first week back.

Also we have asked if the children can bring in 2 or more of their own fairy tales or traditional tales on Monday 29th October (the first day back). Please mark with their name in some way.  (We will put postit notes on if not).

Have a restful half term break and see you all on 29th.


Busy moon buggy making!

Thank you to all the parents who have been volunteering their time over the last few weeks, during Monday PPA sessions,  to help make these amazing creations.  Some are still to finish but don’t they look great!  They will be heading home to grace your houses very soon!


Diagnostic questions up and running!

I am sure your children have told you but they now should all be able to log into Diagnostic Questions where there are 2 quizzes to do (only 1 is necessary) for their home learning this week.  Please check home learning tab at top of the page (September although it’s October I’ve just realised!!) to see what needs doing this week. Thank you.