Luka’s Volcano Film

What a lovely surprise to receive this little film clip made by Luka this weekend.  Even though it is short, it must have taken Luka a very long time make using stop, motion, animation.

Well done Luka and thanks for sharing!

What makes a great friend?

Today we spent much of the day exploring friendships.  We started off by thinking about the qualities of a good friend.  We then drew up lists of actions that can make people either sad, happy or cross.

Looking at a number of scenarios that might happen in school, we discussed possible helpful solutions and then role-played them with advisory endings.

Finally, we have started to create friendship potions and recipes to capture the essence of what makes a good friend.  We will share these once they are finished.  But for now, here are some photos of us role playing a number of scenarios.

The volcano that keeps on giving!

36E26028-AF42-433D-AE72-FE48916FB5DEI received this fabulous photo from Mez this evening who had great fun making her volcano explode all over again!

Don’t forget that you can do the same with a bit of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Drop the bicarbonate of soda in first and then add the vinegar on top.

Please send in some more photos if you manage to make your volcano erupt again!!


Exploring characters with diamanté poems

To continue our fairy tale character quest, 3LP learnt about and created their own diamanté poems in Guided Reading.  There were some excellent examples of great teamwork as the children had to work together to choose their words.


Erupting Volcanoes

Oh my goodness!  This morning 3LP had the BEST fun watching their carefully made volcanoes actually erupting (using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar of course).  These fantastic models were the end result of a number of weeks looking at mouldable materials.

What a brilliant way to end the unit!



The Naughty Elf by Izzy

Once upon a Christmas Eve, there was a naughty elf called Troublewix who lived in Troubleland. Once the sun had set, Troublewix creeped through Santa’s workshop, while all the other elves were sleeping and that is where he found Santa’s sleigh. All the presents were piled high on the back ready to be delivered to all the children. Troublewix got all the reindeer lined up and he jumped onto the sleigh and set off to Troubleland on the other side of the valley.
Santa had been having a power nap and when he woke up he stood up with a “Ho Ho Ho” and said “right then we are ready to start Christmas” But when he went to get on his sleigh it wasn’t there. Santa knew it could only be Troublewix responsible for this! Santa picked up the elf phone and said “Troublewix if you come back to my workshop I have something cool to show you”. There was only one way for him to get back quickly and that meant riding the sleigh back. When he got there Santa said “Oh well well well, you took my sleigh didn’t you”. Now he had been caught, Troublewix said “why should everyone else get presents what about me?” Santa explained that all the presents on the sleigh were for good children “you don’t get presents if you are naughty.”
Santa saw that Troublewix was sad and said “I will do a deal with you. You can come with me on the sleigh and help me deliver the presents as it is late now. If you can prove that you can be good I will give you a special gift.” So Santa and Troublewix set off delivering the presents and Troublewix’s heart started to warm and he felt love in his heart. It felt good giving the children their presents and not taking them away.
Santa and Troublewix managed to deliver all the presents in time for Christmas day and when they got back Mrs Claus had made freshly baked cookies. They both helped themselves to a well-earned snack when Santa said “oh Troublewix I almost forgot, I need to give you your gift. As you have helped me and have shown kindness, love and resilience you have learned the true spirit of Christmas and for that I would like you to come and live with me and the other elves for ever and ever”. Troublewix loved it and they all lived happily ever after.

The Magic of Christmas by Abigail

The Magic of Christmas
Once upon a time there was a girl with her mother. Her name was kitty she had beautiful brown hair and emerald green eyes. She was wearing a red and white stripy t-shirt and her favourite navy blue jeans. In addition she had rosy red cheeks. They were making mince pies because it was Christmas eve and it is nice to have mince pies on Christmas eve. The smell of the kitchen wafted outside. Soon enough she saw a hansom robin on an oak tree(in her garden) and ran outside to see it she was expecting it to fly away but it did not!!This is a secret keep it to just you and me. Kitty had a special power and that is that she could talk to animals! Suddenly Kitty saw a snow rabbit next she saw a snow cat. She saw something familiar about them they had blue and purple sparkles glowing and drifting around them like wonderous fairies. Next she went a bit closer every step she counted “1 step 2 step 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.”If an animal had blue and purple sparkles drifing around them then she could talk to them. She put her hand out so that the robin could pearch on her palm she felt its claws tickling her hand. She opened her arms out very wide so that the snow rabbit could jump into them. Next she did the same with the snow cat. It pounced into her arms and snuggled up with Kitty lovingly. They started introducing themselves to each other and the robin snow cat and snow rabbit started singing “we wish you a merry christmas”. Kitty joined in with their singing. It had a beautiful harmony and felt very magical. They carried on singing traditional carols.After all of their delightful songs Kitty went get to get some things for the animals. Some raisins for the robin some milk for the cat and some carrots for the rabbit. This was the most magical christmas that Kitty had ever experienced.

The Robin who went back in time by Charlie

One bitterly cold morning two robins were fighting. Perry was on Jerry’s territory and Jerry did not like it. The pair were slapping their wings at each other. Then Perry smashed Jerry so hard with his wing that Gerry flew right into the open window of a house.
The house belonged to an inventor called Professor Hawk who had invented a time machine in his bedroom. Jerry flew into the time machine not realising what it was. However just at that moment Professor Hawk turned on the time machine with the date set to December the 24th year zero, the place: Bethlehem.
Sparks whirled around Jerry and everything went dark. Jerry noticed the air was very cold, there were glimmering sparkly stars in the night sky. The tiny robin was on a sandy hill. Below the hill was Bethlehem. Just then Jerry saw something shining on the ground, it was a golden cup.
Jerry pushed the cup along with his beak down towards the bright little town. Just then he saw a stable. Then he picked up the cup with his beak and flew to the stable door. The brave robin looked round the door and saw a tiny baby in a wooden feeding manger. He had just been born. The baby’s mum and dad were looking at him joyfully. Just then a shepherd opened the stable door and Jerry flew in with the cup in his beak.
One of the shepherds asked “What is his name?”
“It’s Jesus,” said his mum.
Jerry heard all of this and knew there was something special about this baby even though he had been born in a stable without very much. Then Jerry thought he should give the baby the golden cup as a present. He flew up and dropped the cup into the manger.
Everyone was surprised at the robin’s kindness. Jerry suddenly realised he couldn’t get back to Romsey. So instead for the rest of his life he never flew far from Jesus and he had lovely life to the end of time.


It was two weeks before Christmas and Santa Claus let it be known that he was running an exciting competition for one family to meet Mr and Mrs Claus at the North Pole. A golden colourful sparkly ticket was to be put inside one box of mince pies. The lucky child who bought the winning box of delicious mince pies would be flown to the North Pole on Santa Claus’ sleigh. Alex was so excited about the competition that he spent all of his pocket money on buying 100 boxes of mince pies, (Alex didn’t even like mince pies!!!!), but he wanted so badly to win the prize.


After the 99th box of mince pies, he never thought he would win the prize but on Christmas Eve with his last one pound of his pocket money, Alex found the golden colourful sparkly ticket stuffed at the back of the box of mince pies.


The very next day Santa’s sleigh took all of Alex’s family to the North Pole. When they arrived, they knew they were there as it was very snowy and Alex could see the steam on his breath and the snow for miles and miles. Alex had lots of fun feeding the reindeers and meeting the elves. The elves were really small and had pointy ears. Alex and his family then met Mrs Claus building a snowman and Santa Claus joined in too. They also went and had a ride on the sleigh with Rudolph the red nose reindeer. For dinner, Alex had a cooked Christmas dinner, it had lots of yummy food before they left to go home. Everyone was given a present, Alex got Pokemon cards. He was so happy he had won the competition. And that was the end of ……

…….The Christmas competition.

Christmas Eve Surpise

It was Christmas Eve a girl called Alice was 5 years old, she didn’t have many friends. she was very lonely. Her dream was to have one special friend that she could talk to about all her secrets. The problem was she was very poorly and was spending lots of time in hospital. She was allowed to go home on Christmas Eve she was very happy. Her parents helped her pack her toys and clothes, she said goodbye to the nurses and her favourite nurse Rebeca who looking after her when she was having her treatments. Rebeca told her lots of stories. Alice’s favourite story was Christmas eve surprise, she could listen to this story all the time. Alice came home with her parents, her mum had prepared all the bobbles, chains, lights and a beautiful sparkling angel to put on the top of the tree. Alice was so excited she took her coat and shoes off and ran to the front room where her mum was waiting for her. She put all the boxes with decorations on the floor, with a smile on her face she asked Alice “well what do you think we should put on the tree first” ? Alice said “the light the light! So they started to decorate the tree. Her dad walked into the house with her suitcase put it into her room and then asked “does anyone fancy hot chocolate” ? Alice shouted “yes please”. Alice was so happy she didn’t feel lonely anymore, she felt very special. Then she thought about Rebeca the nurse that was looking after her. Then her favourite story popped in to her head. She turned to her mum who was putting bobbles on the tree and asked “Mummy would you like to hear my favourite story that Rebeca told me it is called Christmas Eve surprise. Her mum sat down, at the same time her dad walked in with the hot chocolate. Alice loved the hot chocolate, she told her mum and dad the Christmas eve suprise story just the way Rebeca told it. After she walked up stairs got into bed and tried to sleep. She woke up very early, it was Christmas day she ran down stairs as quick as she could to open all her presents. Out of all the presents she got her favourite by far was a special book from a very special nurse.
The end