2LP/DM’s Bug Hotel

This week we have built a Bug Hotel at the back of the outdoor classroom area.  We were very busy gathering logs, sticks, fir cones, canes and leaf mould to put in the hotel in the rain on Thursday.  We are hoping to attract lots of minibeasts to the hotel over time and will keep checking over the next few weeks.

Titanic model building

During the few wet lunch times and play times this week, the boys have used their time very effectively to build a model of the Titanic out of lego bricks.  They have thought about the lookout, lifeboats and escape hatches and had a go at putting in the swimming pool.

Take a look at the pictures – Carpathia, the rescue ship, is  next to be built, if we don’t run out of lego bricks!!


Sea City Museum Surprises!

What a great day we had at Sea City Museum on Wednesday this week.  We have only just started to learn about the Titanic as it is this term’s topic but we already know lots of facts thanks to Kate and Andy at the museum.  We will be thinking about how it was a great tragedy for the people of Southampton and about how the news was represented in the newspapers.  We will be writing our own front pages over the next few weeks.

Take a look at some of the photos from the day!

Fabulous fun at the Wildlife park!

We have just had a wonderful day at the New Forest Wildlife Park.  We will be writing a recount of all our experiences on the trip this week and next week we will be writing a fact sheet about the animal we loved the most!

Take a look at our photos!

Superhero surprise!

What a great turnout today for our Superhero day to raise funds for Autism Awareness week and Sustrans.  Take a look at these fabulous costumes.

Happy Easter everyone!  There is no new home learning but keep on reading books throughout the holiday and catch up on any Diagnostics questions home learning.  Remember to open the program in Google Chrome.


Week-end healthy diets!

Thank you to every one who kept their food diary last week- end and sent their information into school.  Take a look at some of the examples we received.  You are quite a healthy lot!

African dancing spectacular!

Today the class performed their African dance to the year 1 classes and enjoyed every moment, showing off their moves!  Thank you to Miss Smith who has been working with them for the last half term on Wednesday afternoons to develop the steps and practise them. Take a look at our fabulous photographs!

Happy New Year!

Miss Pattinson and Mrs Mayo would like to wish all the pupils of class 2LP/DM and their families a very happy new year 2019 and hope we will have many happy hours of learning and creating together to look forward to.

Thank you also for all your kind Christmas gifts and wishes.  They were much appreciated and make the job of teaching even more enjoyable.

See you back at school on Tuesday 8th January.  Enjoy what is left of the holidays!

Party fun!

This afternoon we have enjoyed our Christmas party with juice, biscuits and party games.  Take a look at our party photos!






Newspaper journalists in the making!

During December we have been very busy in our English lessons pretending to be journalists interviewing the last remaining little pig, the big, bad wolf and various other fairytale characters who happened to be passing by when the wolf committed his crime of eating two of the little pigs (because he sneezed apparently!).

We completed our front page of The Pig News so everyone can read what we found out about the crime and what people are saying about it in Pig Village.  Take a look at our masterpieces.