Visit to the Co-op!

Yesterday 3LP had the best time visiting Co-op in Saxon Way.  We met Debbie, the manageress who showed us how to plant herbs and flowers in the planters.  We rolled up our sleeves and helped to fill the boxes.  We then spent some time shopping inside the Co-op, looking for the ingredients to make our healthy meals that we designed last week.


More photos from Beaulieu

Beaulieu day 1

Well, after taking about 40 photos the internet connection is being terrible to say the least!

However, apart from the dreadful rain, everyone is now tucked up in bed following an exhausting but fun day.

We spent lots of time in the woodland area today carrying out lots of tree related activities.  We also fed pigs, goats, sheep and chickens as well as a host of other things.

Everyone has had an amazing but exhausting day.  I’ll try to upload some more photos when the internet allows!

Miss P 😊

Missing Tomb finally Found!


Just a few examples of our published news reports that we have been working on this half term about the discovery of King Tut’s long lost tomb.

I was blown away by the children’s efforts especially with their editing and redrafting and presentation skills.

Well done everyone!

Ancient Egyptians

Wow – what an amazing half term we have had learning so much about the Ancient Egyptians.  I have learnt so much myself and was especially fascinated by the ‘Weighing of the heart’ ceremony as well as the story behind Tutankhamun’s tomb.

What did you find exciting, interesting and fascinating?  Record your comments below please!

Romsey Library visit

We had a great morning down at Romsey library today finding out about all the books and audio tapes that are on offer, how to use the library and where to find the books that interest us.

We also got to enjoy a book that was read to us by the librarian.  Some children were able to borrow books whilst others spent time browsing and enjoying all the different books on offer.

Thanks must go to our lovely parents who accompanied us and helped us to cross all the roads safely!


History off the page – Egyptians!

We had the most incredible day today learning about every aspect of Egyptian life possible.  The morning was spent exploring ten different activities such as mummification, ink making and writing on papyrus, soap carving and bread making.

During the afternoon we held a big banquet with dance, miming, story telling and a production.  It was all so amazing and we had such fun.

Thanks so much to all the parents who helped us out today too. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Ancient Egyptians

Well,  we had such an incredible first day back today exploring and researching Modern and Ancient Egypt.

The morning was spent carrying out a number of exciting activities like  learning all about hieroglyphics and looking at evidence depicting the weighing of the heart ceremonies.

In the afternoon, we learnt about Egyptian cartouches and designed and made our own from clay.  They still need to be painted but are looking amazing even now.

What a great way to start the half term!


After the excitement of this morning we spent the afternoon listening to and reading lots of books as part of our Readathon project.  Every person in the cksss managed to read independently for 66 minutes which was brilliant!!

Well done everybody!!

Bienvenue au Café de la Classe

Well, what a fantastic morning! 3LP had the best morning ever running our French café.  Lots and lots of parents and grandparents dropped in to be served a typical French breakfast. Entertainment constisted of French battle ships and ‘moulin’ making.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and it gave them the perfect opportunity to practise their newly learnt French.

Well done everyone!!