TV Broadcasts

This week we have been working on planning and delivering TV broadcasts to highlight the plight of our school field.  Take a look below!


Jelly Bean Wars

We had great fun today exploring the quantities, variety, weight and cost of Tesco and Co-op jelly beans to find out which chain offers the best value for money.

We discovered a number of really things after collecting, collating, presenting and interpreting the data.  Add your thoughts below if you found out something interesting.

Bird Feeders

Today we went outside and hung up our fantastic bird feeders that we made for a home learning task.  There were some amazing designs and features that showed how hard everyone had worked.


Fitter Future

Today we followed in the footsteps of a fitter future by planning and then carrying out our own 5 minute fitness programmes.  Each group planned for three levels of differentiation for those who felt particularly fit to those who were a little bit tired.  Everybody really enjoyed the challenge and joined in wholeheartedly!


This week’s work selfies

Insect Hotel construction!

We had a brilliant afternoon designing and making insect hotels.  We began by discussing which sorts of living conditions would be best for a range of different insects.  Then we worked on our designs thinking about light, shade, damp, dry conditions etc.

Outside, we built our new homes and placed them around the school grounds ready for their new inhabitants.

Thank you to everyone who brought in materials to use.

Welcome back!!

What a fabulous first day back brimming with exciting learning!  We have already got some work selfies to prove it.  Don’t forget to bring in materials for insect hotels on Wednesday afternoon.

Happy Half term!

Insect Hotels letters

Another half term has whizzed by already!  Please enjoy a safe and happy week off and don’t forget to read and practise your times tables/division facts!

Please remember to gather bits for you insect hotels (see letter attached).

Also, a plea from Mrs Bailiff – can you try to collect as much newspaper as you can and bring it into school ready for making scultpures next half term!!

Thank you and enjoy the sunshine!

Fabulous work selfies

Just a few fabulous work selfies showing Guided Reading work about Stanley and a booklet to help us to understand determiners in French.

Sculpt the Moment

Uncle Ernie has turned Stanley’s beloved goldfish into Potts Gorgeous Gliterring Goldfish.  Can you imagine how he feels?  Can you imagine how Aunt Annie feels?  And Ernie?

Using Sculpt the Moment, we explored how each of the characters may have felt at that dreadful moment that Ernie comes clean with the terrible deed he has done.

Can you work out which character is which?