Rock Cakes!

We had a huge amount of fun preparing and cooking rock cakes this morning with Mrs Fripp as a bit of a fun end to our rock learning this half term.  We hope that mums and dads got to taste the cakes before they all went!!


Cyber Ambassadors

Today a member of each Year 3 and 4 class was trained by the Police and Crime Commissioner team to become a Cyber Ambassador They spent the day learning about the cyber sea monsters that they need to avoid and how to protect themselves from these evil creatures. They considered what might be considered bullying or banter online and discussed the negatives of not being able to see someone when you talk to them. Then, they were asked to put toothpaste back into a tube and found out how hard it is to get something back if it is shared online.

Your new Cyber Ambassadors will explain more to you soon in assembly but they should all be really proud of their enthusiasm, clear explanations and thoughtful discussions today! A big thank you Mr Thomas and Miss Easton for such a brilliant day.

Comparing numbers

Today we had great fun using a wide range of maths resources to develop our knowledge of place value.  We looked at different ways of representing numbers in different ways and then had to compare them using < > and = symbols.

Stone Age afternoon with Gemma


We had an amazing afternoon with Gemma the archaeologist learning about everything Stone Age from creating a human timeline to touching an actual mammoth’s tooth today!  Everyone was hugely inspired by the artefacts that we explored and they really helped us to imagine what life might have been like 15,000 years ago!

Introducing our new Rock Buddies

Rock Buddies

Today we met some new friends in class…..we will be getting to know them better tomorrow so watch out for news soon!

Welcome to 3LP

We have had such a lovely day today with everybody including some new adults all settling in to class well.

We spent the morning learning about how artefacts can help us to find out about the past by looking at and exploring a number of strange objects from Skara Brae, a prehistoric village in the Orkney Islands.

During the afternoon we found out about Stone Henge and have started to draw  beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures using chalk and oil pastels.

What a great start to the term!



Thank you and Goodbye

Well we have finally got to the last day of term and the end of a fabulous year!  It has been a fantastic year with the most amazing class.  I will hold lots of wonderful memories from the year and of all the lovely characters in 4LP!

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you for all of my wonderful presents and cards.  They really made me feel very special.  The John Lewis voucher will come in very handy!

Have a wonderful summer holiday – have fun and stay safe.

Miss P x

TV Broadcasts

This week we have been working on planning and delivering TV broadcasts to highlight the plight of our school field.  Take a look below!


Jelly Bean Wars

We had great fun today exploring the quantities, variety, weight and cost of Tesco and Co-op jelly beans to find out which chain offers the best value for money.

We discovered a number of really things after collecting, collating, presenting and interpreting the data.  Add your thoughts below if you found out something interesting.