Ancient Egyptians

Well,  we had such an incredible first day back today exploring and researching Modern and Ancient Egypt.

The morning was spent carrying out a number of exciting activities like  learning all about hieroglyphics and looking at evidence depicting the weighing of the heart ceremonies.

In the afternoon, we learnt about Egyptian cartouches and designed and made our own from clay.  They still need to be painted but are looking amazing even now.

What a great way to start the half term!



After the excitement of this morning we spent the afternoon listening to and reading lots of books as part of our Readathon project.  Every person in the cksss managed to read independently for 66 minutes which was brilliant!!

Well done everybody!!

Bienvenue au Café de la Classe

Well, what a fantastic morning! 3LP had the best morning ever running our French café.  Lots and lots of parents and grandparents dropped in to be served a typical French breakfast. Entertainment constisted of French battle ships and ‘moulin’ making.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and it gave them the perfect opportunity to practise their newly learnt French.

Well done everyone!!


Problem solving and reasoning

We had great fun (and a lot of challenge) this morning applying our knowledge of multiplication and division to reason about statements and problems.


We had great fun this morning incorporating gym shapes and balances as part of our new PE learning.  There were some very impressive and challenging shapes created which were then turned into sequences.

🎄Merry Christmas and thank you! 🎄

Well, the Autumn term has finally drawn to a close. Year 3 has had such an amazing term with so much brilliant learning going on and great experiences.  The volcanoes were certainly a great hit!!

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all my wonderful, thoughtful presents and cards and to wish you all a fabulous Christmas and peaceful new year.

See you in 2018!!

Miss P 🎄⛄️E47156A4-EF8B-4CC2-9A42-9A1F65DEC823

Christmas Craft Fun

Luka’s Volcano Film

What a lovely surprise to receive this little film clip made by Luka this weekend.  Even though it is short, it must have taken Luka a very long time make using stop, motion, animation.

Well done Luka and thanks for sharing!

What makes a great friend?

Today we spent much of the day exploring friendships.  We started off by thinking about the qualities of a good friend.  We then drew up lists of actions that can make people either sad, happy or cross.

Looking at a number of scenarios that might happen in school, we discussed possible helpful solutions and then role-played them with advisory endings.

Finally, we have started to create friendship potions and recipes to capture the essence of what makes a good friend.  We will share these once they are finished.  But for now, here are some photos of us role playing a number of scenarios.

The volcano that keeps on giving!

36E26028-AF42-433D-AE72-FE48916FB5DEI received this fabulous photo from Mez this evening who had great fun making her volcano explode all over again!

Don’t forget that you can do the same with a bit of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Drop the bicarbonate of soda in first and then add the vinegar on top.

Please send in some more photos if you manage to make your volcano erupt again!!