Abigail’s Year 3 review


Tom K’s Year 3 review


James’ acrostic review!

This year has been marvellous!

And here’s an acrostic poem to celebrate my time at 3LP.

I moved up to Yr3 and KS2.

Loving pretty much everything.

Over the course of year 3 it has been nothing but non-stop fun!

Very few things weren’t fun.

Except Beaulieu, which is a whole different story..

Doing the homework was brilliant (well most of it).


To be honest I’ve had my laughs.

How did I survive the Year you say? …….urggrh….moving on.

I thought and I thought till my head popped off.

So this year has been lively, challenging and it was a blast!


You know the acting for the winter celebration was fun too.

Even now I’ve been looking…


R.E.A.C.H by yours truly James Meacham


Clara’s end of year review

The thing i enjoyed the most was science because i liked learning about the human body.
I also liked P.E because i like doing athletics and orienteering . And i loved making our volcanos and i also liked music because it is great fun learning to play different instruments. Also the stone age was great fun because Jenna told us lots of interesting facts. I think I have forgotten some other things but you made it all so interesting Miss .P. .

Toby’s end of year review

I have enjoyed every part of this year. We have had some amazing topics and trips. My highlight of Year 3 was our trip to Beaulieu especially when I got to go into the pen to do my daily duty of herding the geese and chickens. One of the geese got angry and started pecking the pole I was feeding him with!

I found our Egytian topic very interesting. I learnt about the stages of Mummification and how Egyptians went about their daily lives. I think the worst part about Year 3 was probably having to go home after our fantastic Egyptian day!
PPA has been very cool this year too. I got to make a volcano, a mummy and other things.
I have shown great interest in Maths this year and found it challenging. We have learnt our 3, 4 , 8 and 6 times tables.
I have loved all 6 of the topics we have done: Stone age, Romans, French, Egyptians, Plants and Healthy Eating.
Its also been great fun reading lots of books and doing 100% club.
Overall I think Year 3 has been one of the best years so far and I’m sure the future Year 3s will enjoy it as much as I did.

End of year review by Elsie

At Beaulieu it was great. I really enjoyed it especially cleaning out the pig’s poo, getting the eggs from the chickens and feeding them. I also loved the brownie.

I also enjoyed learning about the Egyptians, I found it fun and interesting. It was fun making lots of things. Learning about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun was very interesting.

I loved doing the French café because I learned loads of new things and how to speak more French. I still have my Café menu at home.

At the moment we are reading Tom Sausage Lion. It is a really nice story and it is a lovely book to read.

My second favourite trip was to Coop because I liked going shopping, and seeing all the different types of food and planting lavender.

I have enjoyed doing the daily mile and trying to improve my time. I also had fun doing the competitions at Mountbatten because we sometimes win. My favourite was the tennis which we won.

Year 3 has been my favourite year at Halterworth so far.


Year 3 fun by Ava B

I have enjoyed lots of things in year three! Such as:

The Beaulieu trip because I got to sleep in a room with my best friends which was really fun. We learned about lots of animals, my favourite things was stroking the rabbits because we got to hold them in our laps. We got to eat some really nice food for breakfast such as toast, croissants, jams and cereals.

I have really enjoyed running the daily mile as it has helped to improve my fitness. I have improved my running time with each run and my best time was 6 minutes and 59 seconds when I came second.

I liked taking part in the French café because we got to serve our parents like a real waitress and then we played some French battle ships which was fun because I had to teach my mum. After we served all the parents and they were gone we got to have some food that was left over such as some yummy baguettes and croissants.

The Stone age project was great fun because a stone age archaeologist visited us to show us what she did and two of us got to put some stone age clothes on which looked really comfy. We got to do an activity where we had to pretend we time travelled to the stone age time.

I have had a great time in year three, I am lucky to have lots of friends. 😊

Maisie’s end of year review

In year 3 I really enjoyed the trip to Beaulieu because we got to stroke the baby rabbits and carry out jobs for the animals, like putting them to bed.

 I also enjoyed French day especially as I got to serve tea and coffee to the parents.

 One of the best things has been making a volcano out of tissue paper. We then tested our volcano and made it explode.

I enjoyed the music, the ukulele was good fun but my favourite was learning the clarinet as I am having lessons.  

Kate’s review of Year 3

One of my favourite things was Stone Age boy. I liked it because we heard the archaeologist talk and I would like to do this job or be a scientist.

Another thing I enjoyed was the Egyptian day because I liked doing the crafts on each table. I especially liked the table where Miss P was making the scent for the mummies. I also really enjoyed the Egyptian dance, it was funny.

I really really liked the French Café especially when we got to enjoy some of the food at the end of it.

I found the magnets interesting because I like learning about science.

My favourite days of the week were music and art day, I have enjoyed learning the instruments. Also I always look forward to P.E and I have enjoyed doing the daily miles.

I love the book at the moment Tom’s Sausage Lion. The role-play is good fun.

Michael Rosen’s Poems were great and made me laugh. I have enjoyed doing roots and shoots with Mrs Bartley, I especially liked writing the guide to our flowers.

I have had a great time in year 3 with Miss P, all the other teachers in the class and my friends.

Daisy’s end of year review

I’ve enjoyed many things about year 3. We all had a great time on the Beaulieu trip and I really enjoyed making a tree passport. To make this we had to explain what type of tree it was, describe its bark and colour.

I enjoyed learning about the Stone Age. Gemma, an archaeologist came into school to teach us about living in Stone Age times. We got to dig for tools like axes and spear heads.

In maths I’ve enjoyed learning about mass, in music I’ve enjoyed the African drums and I like the noise they make. In English I’ve enjoyed learning new vocabulary to put into my writing.

Miss P has been a great teacher and I’ll miss her. She’s very kind, she helps me when I’m finding things hard and she’s inspired me to read even more.